Bathroom Remodel: From Blah to Blissful

My clients were living with a basement guest bathroom in need of serious help.  Besides some repairs to the leaking shower basin, it had remained relatively untouched since the home was built in the early 1990s.  Like many of us, they hesitated to put too much money into renovations in case they decided to move.  But, armed with the knowledge that bathroom remodels only increase the value of a home, they decided to take the leap, since they could enjoy the space either way.

To save money, my clients opted to use the existing footprint of the bathroom and let fixtures remain in their current locations.  Instead, we worked with the space to make it more efficient and fit their lifestyle and needs.  The small corner shower was turned into a large tiled walk-in shower that runs the full width of the bathroom.

 A tiled bench was added, and is a nice amenity if space allows.  To avoid the tedious task of scrubbing glass shower doors, the client chose a heavy waffle-weave white shower curtain. Fabric also adds a sense of warmth in the windowless space.

A longer vanity with furniture-type legs was added to the bathroom, taking advantage of about 12 inches of previously wasted space between the vanity and shower.  Since it is mainly used as a guest bath, the medicine cabinet was replaced with an oval mirror that complimented the dark wood of the vanity.  Sconces were added on each side of the mirror, making the lighting much more flattering than harsh overhead fixtures.

To camouflage the existing plumbing ‘shelf’ behind the toilet, we added floating shelves and created an accent wall.  The extra shelves also make a perfect place to display extra towels and fun accessories.  A bright aqua accent wall adds a touch of the client’s personality to the room, but is also easily changed when tastes dictate.

The old linoleum flooring was also replaced with the same gray vinyl that extends throughout the rest of the basement.  The walls were given a fresh coat of light gray paint, and oil rubbed bronze hardware and switch plates completed the transformation.

My clients love the changes and tell me that now it actually feels like a special place for their guests to use.  Rumor has it that they even prefer using it over the master bath!

2 thoughts on “Bathroom Remodel: From Blah to Blissful

  1. Looks good! I like the new shower setup and the vanity area looks really fresh and modern. Great idea to put the shelves above the toilet. Thanks for sharing!

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