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**FYI  For those of you who live in Pocatello or the surrounding area, I am teaching some classes this fall through ISU’s Workforce Training/Continuing Education.  This Monday night (9/15/14) is DIY Interior Updates from 6:00-8:30.  Check out for a list of classes or for enrollment information!**

I picked up this old globe for a few dollars at a thrift store a few months ago.  It had seen better days, but was still in relatively good shape.

It sat for awhile above my desk while I decided what to do with it.  The other day we had perfect weather for spray painting.

Among other things, I took the plastic base and arm off the globe and sprayed it orange!  Then I cut a piece of washi tape and put it around the equator to cover the split in the globe.

We love the fun update and are thinking about adding colorful pins to the places we have visited.  Does your family have a fun way to record your travels?  Any creative global updates?

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    1. That would be fun!! I really enjoy teaching the classes, just wish I knew how to let people around here know about them!

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