Exterior Painting Update

So, I had planned to post some fun photos of a gallery wall, but instead I am scraping our house to get it ready to paint.  Prep work is my least favorite part of painting, and this is no exception.  I am only about 4 hours into it, and I wish we had a brick house! ha.

Just a few photos, since my parents are still watching the kids and I want to use my time to get the less kid-friendly spaces done…

Here is the front of the house:


One side of the house, with our poor crumbling steps (another project):

A close up, all the way to bare masonite.  Which means some sanding and priming are in my future.

Happy Weekend to you all! I will be back early in the week with a gallery wall update.

3 thoughts on “Exterior Painting Update

  1. I’m with you all the way on the prep work! Hate it and usually try to shortcut it – bad! You have a big project ahead – but it will be SO nice when it is done! Can’t wait to see what paint colors you decided on.

  2. Loving the lime green and canary yellow wreath. Such a fun burst of color.
    Btw, I’ve been binge reading your blog. A Saturday morning treat!

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