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Front Porch Inspiration

Note: This post ties in with my April 26 article in the Idaho State Journal on Creating a Welcoming Entry.  I will link to the article as soon as it is available online at

As we think about new paint for the exterior of our house, we are also looking at the front entry and some simple changes we can make to seriously update the look and make it feel more welcoming.

This is the idea board I put together so we could start brainstorming ways to make it happen.

1. The 3 windows in this door from Home Depot tie in with the 1950’s style of our home.  We will likely try to find a used one somewhere if possible.  Painted in Behr’s #420B-5 Sweet Midori, it would be a fun contrast to the navy or gray we are thinking about painting our house.

2. New house numbers in a modern style will really add some character to the entry.

3. A round doorbell in brushed silver ties in with the house numbers and is a fun twist from standard doorbells.

4. A brushed silver door handleset ties in the midcentury style door with a nice rectangular look.  I definitely don’t want a lever handle on the inside at this point, because it is much too easy for my little guy to open.

5.  I love the cheeky humor and friendliness of this door decal.  I am crazy about the font, too.

6. Striped rugs in bright colors go with everything.  This one is similar to my inspiration rug.

7.  Tall cylindrical planters tie in with the brushed silver hardware already being used, but they would be beautiful in a poppy color, also.  They could also be planted with colorful flowers.

8. I would definitely add some color with a few pots of flowers lining the steps.

9. I love the simple look of this outdoor wall light, but it could also be spray painted to compliment your color scheme.  I want to replace all three of our outdoor fixtures.

10. Of course, colorful rain boots are always on my list and make fun styling props!  Not that we get enough rain to really justify a pair of rain boots.


I have been drawn to this photo from Better Homes and Gardens for awhile now.  We plan to cut the metal centers from our porch railings and insert cables…we will keep you posted when we do.

What do you think? Is anyone else working on making your front door entry more welcoming?  Have you ever tried to do cable railing? Let me know in the comments!   I am finding that our front entry is used much more frequently in the summer, so I am motivated to give it some style.

3 thoughts on “Front Porch Inspiration

  1. I LOVE your inspiration picture! It’s so hard to find inspiration pictures of our humble 50s ranch homes. We have side entry stairs also and I’m thinking about doing house numbers like that. Not sure if I’m brave enough…

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