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If at First You Don’t Succeed…

Try, try again!  Have you ever completed a project that just didn’t turn out quite like you had it pictured in your head?  I have, too many times to count.  My latest project that I just wasn’t completely happy with was the set of nightstands I bought from IKEA in January, stained, painted and wrote about for you to see.  Remember these?


I am completely satisfied with the quality and size of the nightstands.  They are a great height, and have the perfect amount of storage for us.  What I did not like was the color of the drawers, especially after I painted the wall behind them a dark blue.  I also wasn’t in love with the drawer pulls I had fashioned, and I still had not put polyurethane on the black stained exterior.  In my post about the master bedroom idea board, I mentioned I was planning to repaint the drawers and make new drawer pulls.

One day last week, I got busy and moved the nightstands to my garage, where I removed the too-small drawer pulls, sanded the drawer faces, and rolled on 5-6 thin coats of glossy white paint!  I was immediately much happier with how they looked.


Another huge improvement happened when I put 3 coats of my new favorite water-based, no-VOC polyurethane on the black-stained exteriors of the nightstands.  They became glossy, smooth and so much easier to dust!
Inspired by the amazing creativity and thriftiness of Mandi from Vintage Revivals, I used some paint I already had and bought some leather belts at the thrift store.  I painted one side of the belts with 2 coats of latex paint.  When they were dry, I cut them to 5-1/2 inch lengths, asked my sweet husband to drill holes in them, and then attached them to the nightstands with hex screws and nuts.  We used the existing hardware holes in the nightstands, but had to drill them a bit larger to accommodate the hex screws.
Are we happier with the finished product?  We love it!  The more modern look and nice contrast between the glossy white and shiny black is just perfect against the blue wall.  We are making some great progress on the master bedroom, and hopefully I will have more to share with you very soon, along with some better photos of the finished nightstand.
How about you? Any project failures that you reworked and then ended up loving?

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