January Cure: Assignment 1

At the beginning of each year, the motivation to get organized and start fresh is paramount on my mind.  How about you?  The folks at Apartment Therapy started what they call The January Cure, where they take you through a month of “assignments” in which you clean and organize your home and create a fresh start and new habits for the coming year.  After playing along half-heartedly last year (new babies tend to make you put everything else second), I decided to jump on board full force for January 2014.

The best way for me to be accountable is to tell others about my goals and progress.  So, here goes…the first assignment was to make a list of projects for each space in your home.  I decided to focus on the main floor and leave the basement for my own rendition of a February Cure.  Here is the list of problems/projects I came up with (narrowed down to the top 5 things in each room) and solutions for completing these projects.  The items with an asterisk (*) are long-term projects.


Clutter everywhere, on the counters, table, and top of fridge.  Solution: Use the Outbox, file papers, throw things away!!

Cabinet toe kicks and trim needs painted.  Solution: I plan to paint these glossy black to accent the room.

Coat hooks are being used, but things are piling up. Shoes need a spot.  Solution: Remove all but everyday coats. Get/Make a boot tray for wet shoes.

Art supplies are overflowing their baskets on top of fridge.  Solution: Find a new place for supplies that are ok for Aspen to get to on her own.

Paint needs touched up in spots.  Solution: Get out the paint!

*refinish countertops

*new art for wall

*herb planters?

My 3 year old’s projects are taking over!!


Living Room/My Workspace

Desk and shelves are a huge mess.  Solution: Remove everything and only put back what we truly love and use.

Filing cabinet is not accessible.  Solution: Move it closer to the desk area.

Toys! Toys! Toys!  Solution: Limit toys in living room to what can be put into one basket and the lower shelves of the desk space.

I would like to change the piano bench again.  Solution: Reupholster. I already have the fabric.

Dirty rug.  Solution: Change out rug for larger one from storage in the garage.

*Need a light at desk

*Ugly mirror over desk

*New, longer drapes

*Thrift for some round end tables

‘Child-proofing’ has consisted of piling things on higher shelves.

Living Room Entry

Closet is stuffed to overflowing. Solution: Donate or move less used coats/jackets to the basement. Designate area for vacuum.

*Door needs new weather stripping


Shower/tub hard to clean.  Solution: Change out shower head for one with a hose.

Medicine cabinet is cluttered.  Solution: Clean, throw away, organize.

Diaper sprayer hook fell off.  Solution: Find the piece and put it back together.

Whole bathroom needs a good scrubbing.  Solution: Scrub!

*change out beadboard and vanity

*softer paint color



Paint needs touched up where I patched a hole.  Solution: Get out the paint.

Boring doors.  Solution: Paint all doors with chalkboard paint.

Linen closet a disaster. Solution: Get rid of old towels, sheets, tools, misc. Organize.

*hallway needs new base molding


Kid’s Bedroom

Current arrangement is cluttered.  Solution: Rearrange beds, remove extra furniture, sort through toys and move some larger toys to future basement playroom.

Gallery wall is not surviving kid’s busy, reaching hands.  Solution: Change out art wall and move the changing table/dresser. Move some of gallery wall to living room gallery wall.

Boring light fixture.  Solution: Dip shades in paint.

Walls are looking dingy.  Solution: Wash walls.  I would like to give them a fresh coat of white paint in the near future.

*Remove carpet

*Paint and hang shelf I bought at a garage sale last summer


Our Room

Walls are patchy with samples of paint colors.  Solution: Paint walls.

Carpet is in the process of being torn out.  Solution: Tear out remainder and use Rejuvinate to shine up the hardwood underneath.

Closet is in progress.  Solution: Finish hanging second clothes bar and paint entire closet.  Find rug or FLOR tiles for closet floor.

There are piles of assorted things everywhere.  Solution: Donate baby items that are no longer used, put things away.

Jer’s lamp shade has never been painted to match mine.  Solution: Paint his lampshade.

*Ceiling fan is too wobbly to be safe.  Solution: Change out fixture.  I would like something a little more fun than a ceiling fan, anyway.

*Reupholster headboard

*Add sheer drapes


That should keep me busy for awhile!  I will be happy to get even half of this done, but I am feeling very motivated this January.  How about you? Any projects or resolutions that are getting you going for the New Year?


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