January Cure: Assignment 2

After an eye-opening experience coming up with my project/problem list for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, the next assignment involved a lot more elbow grease.  Assignment 2 was entitled Flowers and Floors, and consisted of buying flowers for your home and deep cleaning all of your floors.  No problem, I thought to myself.  I have all weekend to do this…

I got a great start on Friday.  My littlest one took an unprecedented 3 hour(!!) nap and I scrubbed my kitchen floors until they gleamed as much as cracking vinyl floor tiles can gleam.  Then I got a little sidetracked and started painting the cabinet toe kicks and some of the trim.  But it looks awesome, and was on my list, so I am okay, right?

My awesome hubby had finished tearing out the carpet in our bedroom to reveal hardwood floors in passable shape.  On Saturday, I convinced him to help me move everything out of our room so I could clean and shine up the floors and paint the walls.  I ended up painting the walls and scraping paint off the floor Saturday night after the kids were in bed.

Closet Before. Maybe those light areas were stripped previously?  I should have tried to stain them first.

View from closet.  Lots of scratches and dull spots.

Sunday night after the kids were in bed, I scrubbed the floor and used a floor restorer called Rejuvinate on it.  I used the high gloss formula to bring some shine back.  I was very happy with how it looked, for the most part.  There were parts of the floor that had possibly been stripped at one point, so they are lighter in color.  Most of that is in the closet and covered with shoes anyway, so I think we are just feeling fortunate that there weren’t pieces ripped out and replaced with plywood.

Closet After.  We might put in some FLOR tiles or a rug during the closet overhaul.

Before the kids woke up Monday morning, I put on a second coat of the floor restorer and let it dry for the day.  After the kids were in bed for the night, I put a second coat of paint on the walls.  I was bummed that I had to do a second coat, but there was a lot of white showing through.  I was painting over white walls with Valspar’s Signature Paint + Primer from Lowe’s, but it just wasn’t quite cutting it for this project.  I am super happy with the finished results though, and am glad I decided to do the second coat.

View from closet.  Scratches are much less noticeable and it is shiny, shiny!

Tuesday was a day for drying and off-gassing fumes with the window open (and it is COLD here, people!).  The kids loved running into the open space, so it was hard to keep them out.  I brought some of the light furniture back in, and tried out an awesome rug from Jer’s grandpa in the space.  I loved the rug, but unfortunately it was just too big for the room.  I don’t want to cover up all the cool hardwood that we just uncovered!  The rug will be reappearing soon in another room, another post.

Phone photo of the rug.  It went end to end and almost edge to edge!

On Wednesday, I convinced Jer that I could not stand another day with our bed and dresser taking up the e.n.t.i.r.e living room, so we moved back in!  I am so excited to put the room back together, without the piles of crap, of course.  The piles are still in the living room, waiting for me to deal with them.  And unfortunately they are patient little buggers and don’t go away when I ignore them.  A lot like my kids.

As for the assignment, I bought a $3 poinsettia at Home Depot when I was there getting my floor restorer.  The floor in my kitchen is now needing another scrubbing as it is covered in food remnants and Play-doh.  The other floors were neglected.  But, WOW does our bedroom floor look good!

6 thoughts on “January Cure: Assignment 2

    1. That’s the color of my master beodorm! It’s from Farrow & Ball and I’m just in love with it. I’m trying to use white and copper accents, but it’s still a long way from finished…

  1. Ink blue is the color of the trim in my kitchen. We made the dciosein in 1983. Yes, I am THAT old. Do you think we were ahead of the curve? My husband and I designed our house, and he and his brother built it. We had no children at the time so this was our baby. We spent evening after evening on the couch with color charts in our laps. It was such a simple time. I adore my home…. still. Our children are now grown with lives of their own. My husband has a rare degenerative brain disease, so I cherish the memories that come flooding back when I see posts like yours….Thank you

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