January Cure: Assignments 8-12

We have made it almost half way through January, and I am still pretty on track with the assignments in Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, and I am still on track with my Whole 30 eating reset!  I am feeling pretty good about things, and my house is starting to look better all around.

Last Monday’s assignment was to plan a party for the end of the month, and send out invitations.  Hmmm.  Jer and I have talked about having a Chinese New Year party to celebrate the end of the month, but we had overnight company on Thursday week and I start teaching evening classes soon, so I am just going to get through this month and see where we are with that.  The purpose of the party is to keep you motivated, but I feel like I am very motivated to get this figured out anyway.

Tuesday’s assignment was to create a landing strip near your entry door.  This is something I have been working on for awhile now.  When we moved in to our home, we quickly realized the existing exits were not realistic for our needs.  My awesome parents had a sliding door installed in our kitchen where a window once was.  This created direct access to the back yard and a straight shot to the garage where I park my car.  It also meant that we now used the tiny dining room/kitchen for our main entry.

Before: Dining/Kitchen with window.

Before: Dining/Kitchen with table and window.

After: With door and new paint. Pretty similar to how it looks right now.

I also created a coat hook in the dining area, which is working really well at keeping coats off the floor and chairs.  It needs a good paring down, but overall I think it serves its purpose. Now, the boots and shoes are another story.  This weekend I spotted one of those old dowel cd storage racks at the thrift store, and thought it might make a good shoe rack for right by the door.  Unfortunately, someone must still have cds that need storing, because when I went back to get it today it was gone. Back to the drawing board for now.

After: Coat hook wall. Located right beside the fridge. Table is directly to right in this photo. Sliding door is to my back.

We have also been using the counter right inside the door as a nice landing strip for keys, garage door opener, and mail.  I love having my keys right there ready to go.  Jer is learning that it is easier to just drop his there when he comes in rather that having to search the house for them every morning.

Wednesday’s assignment was a media fast, which worked well since our internet went down Wednesday and we didn’t get it working again until Friday night.

Thursday’s assignment was to work on your goal project.  Mine was to get rid of the piles in the kitchen, and I succeeded!  I am also working on the second coat of paint on the trim in the kitchen, so I will wait to take photos until that is all done.  I love being able to use my counters for cooking!  Now I just have to keep them clutter-free, which I know is a constant effort.

Friday’s assignment was also for the weekend: flowers, bedroom organization and cleaning.  Jer picked up an inexpensive bouquet of flowers on his way home from work, and I spent Friday cleaning and rearranging the kid’s room.  It feels so much better and they are enjoying the new arrangement. We still have a lot in there for such a little room, but the crib and rocking chair are still necessities at this point.  Our room was already cleaned to the core when I painted and did the floors, so it just needs a little touching up.  I say ‘needs’ because it didn’t get done this weekend.  We were pretty much gone all weekend, so our room is still on my list.  I would like to get some artwork hung and the too big rug out of there.  It is still rolled up on the floor at the foot of the bed. Yes, I trip over it all the time.  It is a hazard.  The rug has a future home in the living room.

I realize this post is pretty text-heavy.  I apologize and promise more pictures this week.  It is just so crazy hard to get photos before the kids mess it up again!! All for now…today’s assignment is to get papers and files in order.  This may take awhile.


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  1. I’m so impressed that you’re doing the apartment therapy cure. And I love your sliding glass doors and paint! It makes it look so much brighter. So funny that your internet went down when you were supposed to have a media fast!

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