Kitchen Update

*For those of you coming over from the Idaho State Journal in hopes of a guest room update, I don’t have it today. Don’t worry, it is coming within the next few months, and in a lot of detail.  My sister and her kids will be coming to stay a few months in the summer, so I will be getting their room(s) ready in the spring.*

BUT, I do have a little update on what is happening in our kitchen at the moment.  I’ll give you a hint: It is not a lot of holiday baking, which may or may not be a good thing.

If you have been following along for awhile, you may have read that I wanted to try a concrete overlay on my kitchen countertops.  I have been reading a lot about it lately, and it seemed like a very inexpensive solution to our uglyish countertops, with just time and effort involved.


The time and inconvenience involved (you can’t really use your countertops for the whole process) meant that I kept putting it off.  I have had my bag of Ardex Feather Finish for about a year now, and finally decided it was now or never!  (I don’t get any money or products if you click on that link, just so you know).

Sanding with 60 grit to rough up the surface.

Mixing up the Ardex. I have ended up mixing it thicker since the first time.

First late-night application. Crazy lighting! Left is done, right is still laminate.

There are some great tutorials out there if you are interested in doing this yourself.  Since I am still in the process, I am just going to show you a few ‘before’ and ‘during’ photos for now.  I will write up a post with some links when I am all finished.


Three coats of Ardex later, with lots of sanding in between.

I am hoping some of the color differences and trowel marks aren’t quite so noticeable with the last coat.  I know my application has gotten smoother with each layer.  I also plan to go over the final layer with our electric sander and a very fine grit sandpaper.  But for now, this is what it looked like this morning after a rough sanding…

Keep checking back! I will have more updates and a few more Small Space Solutions soon!   It involves the relocation of some of those cabinets.  Shhhhh, don’t tell my husband, but I am hoping some of that happens this weekend, too.

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