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Musical Update

My husband’s grandpa just gave him his piano, since my husband is the only one in his family who plays (self-taught, by ear!).  I had to sell my piano when I went back to college to get my Interior Design degree, and have been piano-less ever since, so I was also happy to be given this little one.

Can I also tell you that I am very happy that it is pretty small, for a piano?  Because it is not like you can just tuck a piano in a corner and call it good.  No, a piano has quite a presence, and pretty much demands an entire wall to itself.  Preferably an interior wall, without windows and doors–so demanding!  Luckily, in our little house, we have a little (interior) wall that is just perfect for this piano.  And, it is upstairs, which made my husband and all who helped carry it in very happy indeed.

Our little piano is in pretty good shape, and for now, I intend to leave it the way it is.  But, the piano bench cover was a different story.  It was originally just a solid wood top, but evidently someone got tired of sitting on it and decided to pad it and cover it.  Since I can’t bear to leave anything entirely untouched, that upholstered piano bench was calling my name.  Really, it was more like yelling at me, every time I walked by.

I wanted something a bit more upbeat and patterned, so I started my search online for discount fabric.  I decided I liked the look of an ikat pattern (see finished bench), so I narrowed my search that way, but wasn’t in love with anything yet.  Then, my mom and I happened to run to Joann fabrics on Saturday, and I decided to take a quick look and see if they had any ikat patterns in upholstery fabric.  Low and behold, they did, in the perfect colors to blend in with the rest of the living room and also tie in with the color of the piano a bit.  It was my lucky day, because the fabric also happened to be 50% off, so I only paid $6.24.  Can’t beat that for a beautiful new bench cover!

Changing the upholstery was really pretty simple.  I unscrewed the hinges from the bench to remove the top.  Then, I removed the bazillion staples that were holding the old fabric on with a flat screwdriver and a needle-nose pliers.

I had a lot of help with this process from my little one.  Very helpful, she is.  Once the old fabric was gone, I lined up the new fabric, making sure to center the pattern so it didn’t look all funky and lopsided.  Next, I pulled it tight and put four staples in it, one in each center point.  I turned it over and made sure it was all even and tight enough before adding more staples.  That way, you don’t get all finished and notice that it is off-center and have to take out all the staples you just so carefully put in!  For the corners, I folded them sort of like wrapping a present, and stapled them neatly.

Then, I simply screwed the top back on the hinges and Voila!  I love the new pattern and think it makes our new piano feel right at home.

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