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Small Space Solutions: The Pot Rack

Spring Fever has hit our house once again!  It has brought a renewed resolve to clean, organize and streamline the function of our kitchen and dining space.  Since our kitchen, dining table, main entrance and basement access are all located within this 15’-6” x 10’-4” space, it has become imperative that this area gets some focused attention asap!  Warmer weather means even more traipsing in and out of the sliding door to the back yard and garden, along with sandy shoes, wet swimming suits, and muddy hands.  This is the first part of a small series I will be writing about ways to make the most of a small space.  We will first discuss something that has become one of my favorite additions to our kitchen: the pot rack.

Yes, the pot rack.  I know, you might be thinking what I often have thought…why in the world would I want my pots hanging overhead in plain sight?  I typically have a small aversion to pot racks, but my husband loves them, and after tripping over pots that were strewn across the kitchen floor one too many times, I agreed to give it some consideration.  You might now be wondering why I have pots all over my kitchen floor?  I have a 2 and a half year old.  That probably answers the question for many of you.

She loves to play in the cupboard, and since the cupboard that fits the pots and pans is also the only other lower cupboard in my kitchen, it was necessary for her to remove all the pots and pans before she could play in there.  And, since she is very busy and gets into everything, I do like having her play in the kitchen while I am cooking or baking.  See the dilemma?

Only a bit reluctantly, I started researching pot racks.  I knew we didn’t have the space to hang one overhead in our kitchen, but I did have a bit of wall space that I could possibly sacrifice to save my toes from hitting pots and pans with every step.  I found several interesting images online, and then proposed some ideas to my husband.  The goal was to make something that fit our style, our budget and our most often used pots and pans.  It had to be high enough that kids couldn’t reach it, which meant there could only be one row of pots and pans in our limited space.  I also wanted to leave some room on the lower portion of the wall for another small-space solution I have brewing in my mind.

With our requirements fresh in mind, we made a trip to Lowes to see what we could come up with.  We considered several options, such as copper tubing, aluminum pipe, towel bars, etc., before deciding we really liked the industrial look and interchangeable nature of a square steel perforated tube.

We chose the 1-1/4 inch x 3 foot tube, and added bolted J hooks in two different lengths.  We capped the tops with (appropriately named) cap nuts to give it a more finished look. We anchored the tubing to the wall with an abundance of screws and spaced out our most commonly used pots and pans to fit the space.

And just like that, we had a pot rack!

After living with it for a few weeks, I must admit that I really love the pot rack.  I do not miss tripping over pans on my floor, or bending down to search through the cupboard for the pot that I want (always the one on the bottom of the stack).  Our little girl now has plenty of room in the cupboard to play, even with a crock pot and a pan or two left.  In the spirit of cleaning and downsizing, a few of those will soon be eliminated, too.  For now,  we are enjoying the fun industrial modern look and love having our pots and pans free of grimy (but cute!) little fingerprints.

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  1. I miss my pot rack! But at least I don’t have kids that empty out my cupboard any more, so I guess it’s okay. Love how you made one that really fit your space.

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