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House Painting Update

Early this spring, I posted about updating exterior paint colors. We had a cream colored house with black trim, and we were thinking about a navy blue with light/medium gray trim.

Before: Cream with Black trim

Idea: Navy with Gray trim

As we talked about it and looked at paint colors, my husband encouraged me to be adventurous instead of sticking with a ‘safe’ color choice.  And so, adventurous we went!

  We LOVE the color, and have had so many compliments on it from our neighbors.  It really feels like it fits the style of the house, and our own unique style as well.  I went with a sunny yellow door, and I changed out the porch light and house numbers.  A few things are still in progress (like the upper trim), but I might just be done until Spring.  I’ve decided that exterior painting is not my favorite thing ever.

What do you think about our bold colors?  It’s not for everyone, I know.  Any takers for painting trim from the top of a ladder?