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My “Must-Do-Before-Winter” List

There is something so satisfying about writing out a To Do list and being able to cross off items as they are complete.  Before fall completely turns to winter here in Southeast Idaho, I have a few things on my list:

1.Deep Clean.  

scrubbing the dining chairs

I know spring is usually when we think about deep cleaning everything, but our house definitely needs it again after the sand, garden soil and popsicles of summer.  I decided to tackle the garbage cans and windows first, since a warmer day is nice for both of those.  The kids and I gathered all the garbage cans in the house and took them out to the lawn for a good spray with the garden hose.  We scrubbed the dining chairs with warm soapy water, and left everything out in the sun to dry.  The kids washed some of their outdoor toys before we store them away or bring them indoors.

Toys all get a good scrub before they are put away, too

Next, I will be washing the sofa cushions (ours are thankfully removable and machine-washable!) and pillow covers.  The kitchen and pantry will follow, and they are due for a decluttering at the same time.  I like to remove every item from the cupboards and shelves and wipe them down before putting back only what we really use or need.  I am trying out some homemade cleaners using recipes and labels I found on curbly.com.  They sure smell good, so I am excited to see how they work!

trying homemade cleaners via curbly.com

homemade cleaners via curbly.com

2. Finish Outdoor Painting/Spray Painting.  We have been trying to finish painting our house trim.  Nothing like leaving things to the last minute.  The biggest obstacle is that all the trim needed scraped and sanded prior to priming and painting.  The painting is usually my job, and it requires a very tall ladder.  Ours is ancient and wobbly, so I require an assistant to stand below and catch me if I fall.  Jer has also been working on this when he can, so I think we are down to just touch-ups!! yay!  Check.

 I have also been gathering all the things I want to spray paint before the cold weather causes a forced hiatus.

3. Get Out Winter Clothes and Organize Them.  Our kids have grown a lot since last winter.  I will need to take out all the winter coats, boots, hats and mittens for them to try on.  We have an entry closet that is slated for an overhaul very soon, so I will come up with a system to organize the winter outdoor clothes there.  It is finally time to exchange the tank tops for the sweaters!

4. Put Away the Lawn Furniture and Outdoor Toys.  We have been squeezing in some last-minute barbeques and outdoor birthday parties around the fire pit, but it is about time to store the table and chairs in the garage for the winter.  Before storing the outdoor toys, I will discard any that are broken and donate those that the kids have outgrown.

5.Prepare our Home and Vehicle.  Today I purchased and installed new furnace filters and checked all the fire and carbon monoxide detectors.

I also replaced burned out lightbulbs, because winter’s shorter days make for some long, dark evenings.  We had a dark corner in the living room, so I brought in another lamp to cheer things up a bit.

 Finally, I will give my car a good cleaning, inside and out.  I love it when the car is clean.  I need to schedule an oil change and get the tires checked.  I will put a warm blanket, extra hat and gloves and a winter emergency kit in the trunk.

Whew! That should keep us busy for awhile.  Let’s hope for a few more sunny, warm days to help keep us motivated to check everything off the list.