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Host a Painting Party!

The phrase “painting party” might bring to mind a venue where you and a group of friends can go hang out and each paint a picture on canvas.  In a less artistically creative, but still entertaining way to hang out with friends, my friend Holly hosted a wall painting party last Saturday.  With a floor installation quickly approaching, she needed the walls and trim painted in her laundry room.  An email plea for help found three of us knocking on her door at 9:30 am, wearing our best painting clothes.

After a quick breakfast of bagels, coffee and fruit, we divided up jobs and got to work.  Since four of us were working in a smaller room, we all started in different spots, so that we would not be in each other’s way.


Brook got the high parts, but still had a great smile.

I painted trim, while Brook and Lori took turns with rollers and a paint brush. Holly removed nails, patched holes, wiped things down and took a turn with the roller.

IMG_2413Holly and Lori discussing weekend plans.

Three hours passed before we knew it, with plenty of laughing, talking and general getting to know one another.  It was a lot of fun, and the end result was a bright clean laundry room that is ready for new floors to be installed.  The best part was that it was pretty much finished, and it didn’t take Holly a week to do it on her own!  I also found a new favorite white paint: Sherwin Williams Ultra White.


If you are inspired to paint a room in your home, but overwhelmed at the thought of tackling it alone, consider having a painting party of your own.  Here are some tips for making sure things go smoothly:

  1. Think about how many people could work efficiently in the space you are working on.  Too many people and no one will be able to move.  Too few, and it may take a longer time commitment from your friends.
  2. Ask friends who have painted walls before, or have tasks for non-painters.  Jobs like removing nails, filling holes, sanding rough spots or removing hardware and blinds always need to be done.
  3. Have plenty of drop cloths and damp rags to catch messes. You will want to protect floors and any other surfaces in the room.  Paint drips and splatters happen, and you don’t want to be stressing about it the whole time.
  4. Make sure there are brushes or rollers and buckets or trays for everyone, whether you provide them, or they bring their favorite from home.  It is much easier to work with the right supplies.
  5. Provide refreshments according to the time of day.  Food keeps people happy and willing to work.
  6. Set a time frame.  Two to three hours seems like a viable amount of time for most people, and you will be amazed at how much a group of people can accomplish in that time.
  7. Invite a diverse group of friends.  It is always fun to meet new people, and a painting party gives you an opportunity to really get to know one another.

There you go. That is how we do a painting party, Pocatello style!  Have you ever been to a painting party?  Canvas or wall?  What is your favorite white paint?