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Take a Number

The other day at Home Depot, I found very similar house numbers to those I have been drooling over online.  And instead of being over $15 each, they were around $6.  Here it is held up against the new house paint color, Valspar’s off broadway, color matched to Glidden paint.

Speaking of house paint, it is coming along s.l.o.w.l.y.  But I am making progress.  I have had to be ultra careful in the prep and cleanup because we found lead in the existing paint.  I have learned a ton in the process (like next time we will buy a brick house! ha), and it is looking so much better.  We are now leaning toward a bright yellow front door instead of green…I’ll keep you posted.

2 thoughts on “Take a Number

  1. Yay! I have loved that style too! Can’t wait for a little more sneak peak of your house in its’ new duds!

    I have a house number conundrum that maybe you’d like to shed an opinion on. Our house number is 1111. It just looks so ridiculous whith all those ones in a row. I want to get new house numbers, but can’t think of a way that it would look better. Or a font that it would look better in. Or maybe I’m just being retarded. What do you think? Cheers! 🙂

    1. Thanks Jolene! We worked on painting this weekend, but still have the second coat and trim to do before too many photos get posted. It is SO much work!
      As for the house numbers, I see your dilemma. I don’t know much of a way around that except to play with the spacing, and see if maybe you like the look of ‘fatter’ numbers over the tall skinny ones?

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